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Paper Title:
Audio Blind Watermarking Robust Against HE-AAC
Presenter: Donghwan Shin
Organization: MarkAny Inc., Korea

Paper Title: Optimization of the Radial Basis Function Neural Network Spread Factor for Electrical Impedance Tomography Image Reconstruction
Presenter: Michal Prauzek
Organization: VSB-Technical University of Ostrava,Czech Republic

Paper Title: Numerical analysis of thermodynamic effects on wavelength dependence for laser hair growth treatment
Presenter: Hong-Ju Han
Organization: Catholic University of Daegu, Republic of Korea

Paper Title: SLAM Algorithm Based on Cross-Correlation Scan Matching
Presenter: Michal Prauzek
Organization: VSB Technical University of Ostrava,Czech Republic

Paper Title: Investigating Multi-Thread Utilization as a Software Defence Mechanism Against Side Channel Attacks
Presenter: Ibraheem Frieslaar
Organization: CSIR (Rhodes University), South Africa


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